101 OM-Experts: Alperen Akdogan from Marleyspoon.com

Today i will introduce you to a very special person and he will be the for all time one of the best colleagues i ever had – Alperen from Marleyspoon.com. I worked with Alp for 1 year at Visual Meta (LadenZeile/ShopAlike) and he was my first Team-Member in the Affiliate-Team and this was the best Time at this company. Our channels (Affiliate/Display) were growing like hell and we had additional to this a lot of fun together. Now Alp is working for Marleyspoon and (unfortunately) back in turkey (one more reason for me go for vacation there). Now the Floor is yours, Alp.

• Who are you and why do you love Online-Marketing?
I am Alperen from Marley Spoon. My interest to Online-Marketing has started for about 5 years ago when I moved to Berlin. I’ve started to learn how cool it is to be able to explain user behaviour with data points, analyse those points and re-structure/optimise the way you speak to your customers; it is mind-blowing. So that’s the main reason why i love it 😉

• What did you before you started in OM?
Before starting a career in OM, I was actually a research assistant in one of the universities in Turkey and doing my academic career, then I’ve realised that’s not sth for me and i needed more dynamism in my life.

• Why did you started in Online Marketing and pls share your Vita with us.
I actually didn’t choose to start; well wasn’t aware of most concepts by then. However the startup environment in Berlin has pulled me in and where I figured that OM is the thing for me.

• Which is your current project?
Currently I am managing affiliate program of Marley Spoon globally and I do this remotely from Turkey. Here is another advantage of doing OM, if you are good at what you do, you can do it anytime/anywhere 😉

• What is your favourite Expo or Conference?
Although I wanted to, I couldn’t be able to join many conferences in Europe so far; however from the ones I’ve been Online Marketing Rockstars in Hamburg is a blast.

• Which is your favorite Marketing Book or Blog?
I do read a lot about Google; I believe they are the ones with forward thinking and always bringing the new features in the market. So my favourite one is called „Googled – The End of the World As We Know It“

• What are the Trends in the next 12 month?
Well it seems like data security will be the main topic to be discussed within next year. As OM as a marketing field expands day by day, more regulations and better data protection topics will be the trends.

• Our Marketing-World in 10 Years?
I believe the way we do marketing will completely change in 10 years. The budgets in Online Marketing 10 years before was around 5% of current budget I assume, so nowadays all the world has moved to OM but in 10 years it could be Artificial Intelligence who knows…

• Please share with us your most exciting Learning and News in the last months?
Influencer marketing is NOT a performance channel; it is rather a brand channel 🙂

• What is your favorite quote?
„It is not a problem, it is a challenge“

(Marcel Richter 🙂 )

Thanks a lot for your time and your very interesting insights Alperen. 

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