101 OM-Experts: Truong Ly from Retail Rocket

Truong Ly from Retail Rocket

Today you can read the next international 101 OM-Experts Interview. I am proud to introduce you to Truong Ly from the Product recommendation Engine Retail Rocket. I know him since years, since i worked at LadenZeile/ShopAlike and we talked the first time about his interesting solution. Since these times we always meet at some online marketing event, because he is also a great networker. Than let´s have a look how he started in online marketing and what it also which favorite quote of the founder of google we both like.

• Who are you and why do you love Online-Marketing?
My Name is Truong Michael Ly and I love Online-Marketing because the challenges, disruption and opportunities to be a truly game-changer.

• What did you before you started in OM?
Before I started working in Online-Marketing, I worked as a Financial Advisor for consumers and companies. Furthermore I had the privilege to lead teams in consulting companies.

• Why did you started in Online Marketing and pls share your Vita with us.
I started as a publisher for financial advertisers for a couple of years. After this period I helped e-commerce companies how to improve the Customer Journey, reduce the returns and generate a recurring business with loyalty-programs. I always had the interests of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. When I was approached by a headhunter to help e-commerce companies with data-driven marketing based on hyper-personalization, I started to be a truly game-changer in e-commerce.

• Which is your current project?
My current project is to help a multi-billion e-commerce company to achieve a truly personalization experience for B2C and B2B. This involves marketplaces, mobile experience and apps with OMNI-Channel (Bricks & Mortar).

• What is your favorite Expo or Conference?
This is definitly OMR

• Which is your favorite Marketing Book or Blog?
Data-Driven marketing with Artificial intelligence: Harness the Power of Predictive Marketing and Machine Learning

• What are the Trends in the next 12 month?
The trends will be a mix of data-driven marketing based on hyper-personalization to improve the Customer Journey with dynamic banners, dynamic categories, dynamic content, voice-search, image-search.

• Our Marketing-World in 10 Years?
Our marketing-World in 10 years will be on performance based with agencies, tech-providers and always based on realtime relevant data.

The consumers will get an exeptional User Experience like in a offline store trough different touchpoints (AR/VR). I also believe in VR Influencers (Computed VR persons).

• Pls share with us your most exciting Learning and News in the last months?
The most exciting Learning and News in the last months is how to adapt with our customers and prospects due the Covid-19 virus.

We predicted the needs from consumers in a early stage (Januari) and helped these e-commerce companies to adapt on this situation with purchasing.

• What is your favorite quote?
Always deliver more than expected – Larry Page

Thanks a lot for your time and your very interesting insights Truong. 


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